First Entry

Welcome to my blog!  I don’t know what has possessed me to start this web journal or whatever it will become, but you could say that there is a bit of “blog fever” going around this area.  I guess this will provide my friends and family the opportunity to be a fly on our wall, if they so desire. 

I am sitting here listening to music on my laptop and setting up this blog while I try to edit photos online.  It’s a long story that I might just get into sometime, but I am printing photos from January to April of 2008.  Just a few months ago I was stuck on April of 2006, so I have really been catching up, but I still feel pretty behind.  It has been fun to catch up, though… going through photos of when my babies were so much smaller. 

I have been going through some pretty bad back pain lately.  Had to go to the doctor last week because I was beginning to lose sleep and have trouble picking up my daughter.  I am now on some pretty decent pain management medication, but am going to need to get chiropractic help. 

Gotta go watch “Heroes” pretty soon, so I guess I’ll wrap this up.


One Response to First Entry

  1. tammy says:

    sorry about your back pain. Hope it’s better soon! You might try PT. We just got back from hawaii, it was awesome. I didn’t see Pierce, though!

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