Mother’s Day Out

The kids went to Mother’s Day Out today.  What a blessing to be able to drop them off and have a few moments to breathe without, “Mommy?” 

Lately, Anna has been calling me “Mom.”  She’s only 2-1/2.  Why is she calling me “Mom”?  Isn’t that what they call you when they get in high school… usually with attitude? 

It’s funny, because I vaguely remember a time when I used to dread having to go to the grocery store.  Before kids, that is.  Now, grocery shopping is what I do with my kid-free time so that I don’t have to entertain them and push an incredibly heavy shopping cart.  How times change! 

When I picked up Anna today at preschool, I finally got a good report!  She has been saying “No” a bit too often and disrespecting the teacher.  She still needs to learn to eat her lunch and keep quiet when it’s time to be quiet, but we’re working on it.  Jason was having a rude awakening when we came back this afternoon to get him.  He hadn’t had much time to sleep and did NOT want to get up.  He was whiny until after tee ball.  Tonight he volunteered to say the prayer for dinner and included a “thanks for the wonderful tee ball game” in the prayer.  So sweet!

I am still working on uploading and printing photos.  I just finished July 2008. Yippee!! I can’t believe I’m this close to catching up. 

Tomorrow, the kids and I plan to go to “Mom to Mom” (probably why Anna has started calling me “Mom.”) at our church.  We usually do a video series on wisdom for motherhood, but tomorrow is a breakaway series on cooking for busy people.  We are supposed to bring a dish with the recipe to share, but I am thinking it might not happen for me.  With my back pain, I think I’ll just sit this one out.  I mean, I’ll go and listen, but just not eat the potluck.  Or maybe I can be creative and bring something easy. 

Think I’ll get to bed early tonight!


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