I should so be in bed right now! But I was just doing a bit of last minute web stuff and thought I’d come see my “blog.” Mark’s birthday is tomorrow (well, actually, it’s today, but it’s just after midnight, so I still feel like it’s “tomorrow”) and Jason’s is the day after that. So… this will be a short entry as I need to bed and get some rest before wrapping millions of presents tomorrow. (Okay… not millions.)


2 Responses to Birthdays

  1. Beth Fuston says:

    I am glad to see you! Thanks for coming to Ty’s party! We have Jason’s favor! I will get it to you sometime. Were you so exhausted yesterday from all of the parties?

    • somervell says:

      Hey, Beth!

      Yes – definitely tired of birthdays! It is Jason’s turn tomorrow, thought the party’s already over, he still has family presents to open. I think Jason grabbed a party favor at Ty’s party… the card game, right? That was really cool… I loved that idea. Did Ty get a goody bag from Jason? We had one left over and I couldn’t think of whose it was.

      Take care,

      Ruth Ann

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