September is Birthday Month

Okay…  I am having an unreal amount of trouble getting photos to insert where I want them to insert, so I think I will write the rest of the blog in captions, as I can’t just scatter photos throughout like I thought I could.  Hope everyone’s having a good day.  Anna and I missed our “Mom to Mom” session today.  She didn’t sound like she should be going… sniffling and coughing.  I think it’s just allergies, because she seems to fine otherwise, but…  She asked to stay home, so here we are.  Every time I say she looks like she feels better, she looks at me with those “I’m sick” eyes and gives me a [cough cough].  Ha!  Anyway, here’s the photos (I hope.) *****  Okay, I added photos, but in order to see what I wrote to go along with them, you have to double click on one and read each description.  Surely there is an easier way to blog. 


3 Responses to September is Birthday Month

  1. Rich says:

    Thanks for the update! Have you looked into’s widget for to help share your photos?

  2. Rich says:

    It also looks like WordPress and Flickr can word together to manage photos for your blog:

    • somervell says:

      I will look into this… I just want to be able to go to my Content section and write a little bit, insert only one or two pics, then write a little more, insert a photo about that text, then a bit more, insert two more pics, etc. Right now, I have to insert the photos at the bottom of the blog with no Content written between. It’s possible that after inserting the photo gallery, I need to do something like go back and choose the “edit” tab again, as I am always thinking that it *should* still be in edit mode, but it isn’t letting me write anymore for that reason. Then maybe it would work!

      I am not a Flickr person yet, so I’m not sure that would help me. We do not have a camera phone, so I’m unsure why I would want to use Flickr. Isn’t that mainly for use with people who text? Goodness! I sound SO archaic but (shh!… I don’t text… Don’t tell anyone, okay?)

      Anyway… thanks for helping me. You are always so kind. I will research Flickr if the edit tab thing doesn’t work out.

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