September is Birthday Month » Chuck E Cheese fun

Winning tickets at the mouse.


Mark and I call Chuck E Cheese “the mouse” or “the rat” in code. Jason went there for a little extra birthday fun on his “real” birthday. His sole purpose in playing games this time was to find games that he could get millions of tickets from. In the past, we’ve been doing good to get him 100 tickets or so, but this time… he was at like 378! That kid is driven! Anna just flitted around, climbing in the playgym area and riding the horse (or not riding it… running it into the wall.) Mark and I tried to help her play MarioKart. I had my foot on the gas and steering and Mark pushed the extra buttons. I thought she could hold the steering wheel, too, but she finally gave up in disgust and Mark finished the game for her. Poor girl.

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