Marshmallow Igloos

November 16, 2009

Short post today…  This week at Mom to Mom, Anna’s class made an igloo by gluing marshmallows onto an igloo.  Jason loved the idea so much, he decided to make one himself, but his was completely edible as his base was the ice cream from a tiny cup of Blue Bell and used no glue.  After posing for the camera, he covered it in chocolate syrup and ate it up.  Anna posed with her igloo, too, but just ate marshmallows instead of making a new one. 

I also have a pic here of Anna wearing one of the dresses Aunt Alva handed down to her from Jennifer.  She looked like Little Orphan Annie at church on Sunday.  So cute!

Hope everyone’s okay.  It’s Monday, so I’m pretty exhausted.  Supposed to be grocery day, but…  Don’t know if that will happen.  🙂


ANOTHER Tooth Bites the Dust!

November 12, 2009

Apparently, people want to know when Jason loses his teeth. This is big news. I am not the best person at communicating, so here is a late posting about another lost tooth. Jason was on his way to a tee ball end-of-season party when he took a drink of water and accidentally swallowed more than water! His tooth came out and there was a bit of blood. He wanted to go to the doctor, but we assured him all was well and that the tooth fairy would come anyway. And she did. This time. Whew!

Including a pic of Anna cooking with me Saturday morning. Hardly ever happens… both me cooking and Anna helping me cook. Also including a pic of J’s new missing-2-teeth smile and a pic of him wearing his Astroboy shirt. Funny thing… Jason’s Fun Uncle James gave him this shirt months ago, but it was too big. We didn’t know anything about Astroboy. Nothing much has changed except that McDonald’s started giving out Astroboy toys. Apparently there was a movie released recently. So Jason got to have a “cool” shirt at a very appropriate time. Probably the only time this will ever happen, right? Thanks to James!!!

Gummy Foot

November 4, 2009

Somehow, despite all of my efforts to normalize my children, I must have failed miserably.  This morning, my eyes were opened to a sad fact:  My daughter is unafraid of eating body parts.  Now maybe this is normal for a 3-1/2 year old girl, but this morning after breakfast, when my daughter asked to choose a piece of Halloween candy, the piece of choice was the “gummy foot.”  For those of you who haven’t seen a gummy foot, count yourself blessed.  A gummy foot is a flesh-colored squishy candy that has red coloring around the place where it must have been gruesomely disconnected from the rest of the gummy body.  Anna had the BEST time licking the foot, squishing it, making cute little comments like, “Mmm… gummy foot!”  (Deep sigh)  

In other body part news, Jason lost his first tooth a few days ago!  He was visited by the tooth fairy a day late, as she obviously didn’t get him on her list right away.  But the night after Jason lost his tooth, the tooth fairy gave him a dollar!  I now feel old.  I remember when you might get a quarter… maybe two quarters… for a tooth.  I’m sure my parents used to think, “I remember when I only got a nickel or a dime for my tooth” when the tooth fairy gave us money.

Here are the pics from Halloween.  Mark went to a great deal of trouble and lost sleep to make a tiny little Mario jack-o-latern (or “jackety-lantern,” as Anna says.)  Jason was Mario for Halloween this year… complete with spray-0n black hair and a mustache and white gloves.  Anna wanted to be a ladybug again.  We had already bought her a jackety-lantern costume, so she wore that to school one day.  There is also a pic of Jason on “crazy hair” day at his school, a pic of Jason’s smile minus one tooth, and a pic of Anna’s gummy foot.  Enjoy!