ANOTHER Tooth Bites the Dust!

Apparently, people want to know when Jason loses his teeth. This is big news. I am not the best person at communicating, so here is a late posting about another lost tooth. Jason was on his way to a tee ball end-of-season party when he took a drink of water and accidentally swallowed more than water! His tooth came out and there was a bit of blood. He wanted to go to the doctor, but we assured him all was well and that the tooth fairy would come anyway. And she did. This time. Whew!

Including a pic of Anna cooking with me Saturday morning. Hardly ever happens… both me cooking and Anna helping me cook. Also including a pic of J’s new missing-2-teeth smile and a pic of him wearing his Astroboy shirt. Funny thing… Jason’s Fun Uncle James gave him this shirt months ago, but it was too big. We didn’t know anything about Astroboy. Nothing much has changed except that McDonald’s started giving out Astroboy toys. Apparently there was a movie released recently. So Jason got to have a “cool” shirt at a very appropriate time. Probably the only time this will ever happen, right? Thanks to James!!!


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