Close Call

May 21, 2010

Today in dance class, Anna picked up a bug. This is not unusual for Anna as she has recently been obsessed with all kinds of bugs. It was the size of a cricket. She looked it over for a few seconds, then put it back on the ground. Her teacher had not seen her pick it up, so she told the teacher about the bug on the ground. Miss Stephanie called me in with a broom. I asked if it was a cricket. Miss Stephanie said, “No, it’s a scorpion.” It was at least 3 inches long. And Anna had picked it up and looked it over before replacing it. Yikes!

I asked if it was alive, and they didn’t know. I nudged it with the broom and it started squirming. Killed it, threw it away, and went in the next room to start breathing again.

None of us could believe it hadn’t stung Anna when she held it, but then we were told that the exterminator had been there yesterday, so it was probably already dying and didn’t have strength to sting. Whew!

Anna now knows about scorpions and is clear that she will never pick one up again.